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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Buzz About Landing Pages

“We advertise on the internet – but sales are still a bit dull… Will landing pages help?
A question from MB, Harmony, NC

Think of your website as a business storefront. Your best deals should be in the window of your business, right? Are they?

Or do visitors have to enter the store and shop around till they find the ON SALE NOW section? A landing page- when created correctly – takes the visitor directly to the enticing sales pitch designed to target them- without their having to go through your “About Us”, “Services”, “Location” etc. sections first.

You will need a GRAB ‘EM FAST headline that honestly makes them think, saying “wha?” to themselves- or better yet, aloud.

The visitor who clicks will also expect a serious payoff for obeying your call to action. A 10% discount won’t do. Go BOLD with your reward in the way of savings or advantages for doing as you ask. You will be repaid with sales and social, word-of-mouse advertising.

Much like a print ad created for a specific target, you can create a landing page that looks nothing like your site if you wish – whatever it takes to get noticed and convert that lead. This makes it a smart money-and-time-savvy-way to find out what is working, as well as decide whether or not a new look and feel for your site and/or other marketing tools might be worth the investment.

Westokes is happy to make all these advertising and communication tools work together brilliantly for you. Just keep in mind landing pages rock if the visitor feels the exchange for his or her time in clicking is really worth it. Hope this helps!

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