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Ideology: Advertising is brain mergery

Westokes Ideology

Brain Mergery

Two heads are better than one – especially if one is right brained and the other left brained. Successful advertising— from radio to web sites — take both logic and feelings; facts and imagination; practical, common sense and a little risk taking. Westokes talents and expertise are employed in the science and art of advertising. Westokes’ left-brainers are unequalled when it comes to boiling your company’s or product’s unique qualities down to the most important character that sets you apart. These strategists know the correct formulas for targeting and reaching an audience— and as a Westokes client, you always get it all at the best rate for your ad dollar.

Westokes right brainers realize that the world’s moment-to-moment technological advances directly impact advertising in ever-evolving ways. So there is an extreme awareness of each medium’s best usage. But the creative righties experience and research say that the basic principles of attracting buyers to products and services remain the same regardless of technology. Right brainers know that attention must be grabbed and senses ignited. And they show you ways to ensure that all the brains of your target audience are surprised and compelled to remember you as the best choice.

Since 1996, Westokes Advertising Inc. has continuously built a solid reputation for clever advertising that works. We are also known for doing it all at cost-effective rates that make our clients happy. We don’t use techie jargon to talk over client’s heads or speak “branding-ese”. We shoot straight and we show clients how to hit their mark.

We invite you to take a look at our work and see how Westokes’ brain mergery can accomplish great things for your company.