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Our work

Basically it speaks for itself. And it should. If you have to explain an ad it simply doesn’t work, does it?

Here and there we offer a reason the client needed to achieve a particular goal to help you, our visitor see how we solve your problems. But for the most part- we hope you enjoy a little tour of our gallery. Should you have any questions regarding any of our work we'll happily explain more- just give us a shout via phone or email.


Print Advertising

Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

At the last minute, our most loyal and highly respected client of 14 years, Smith Stokes Automotive, asked us to create an ad for The Boilermakers Union Directory. They were honoring the dealership group and Smith had just learned an ad special was being offered. We did a bit of quick research on the Boilermakers' member demographic and created an ad that spoke to their strong sense of family and loyalty to our country. It was well received by our client, the audience and also produced rave reviews from for it's relevance to both male and female buyers.

Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels


The challenge for this Smith Stokes Automotive ad- write and design a print ad geared toward folks with ‘blips' or ‘hiccups' in their credit which have caused their credit score to become lower. Enter- Smith Stokes with a myriad of financing options to solve the problem and help build better credit. It ran in a pub geared toward fun-loving Gen Xer's with short attention spans, so we made it more memorable by having the reader turn the ad upside down to see what the heck we were talking about. Folks loved it- our client and most importantly his target audience.

William Mangum Fine Art
William Mangum Fine Art

William Mangum Fine Art

Just a sample of the ads we produce for one of our most celebrated clients- this one ran in Triad Living. Bill is a superbly talented painter, client, friend and a great philanthropist. The challenge here – and most always with Bill's advertising – is to showcase a variety of paintings and products- without looking too busy. Oh, and add in a free gift certificate! Westokes is proud to be the William Magnum Fine Art agency of record and continue to enjoy working with him on projects from North Carolina Governor's Christmas Cards to Country Club Member gifts unveiling Bill's work —to Greensboro's most outstanding bicentennial book [Greensboro Roots & Renaissance.]


More Smith Stokes Automotive Print

We are blessed with a client that has only on two occasions, dictated what was to be created ad-wise. For the most part, Smith Stokes has allowed us to be as creative as possible with his image/message for 14 years. These ads ran in a few pubs- this size in particular ran in The Hippo, a free Triad pub with an appeal to the young & trendy crowd. It fits in your hip pocket [thus the name] and is actually found in a small holder covered in denim [with an actual hip pocket, too cool] located in most downtown Triad area bars and restaurants. The publisher loved our print work so much, Westokes struck an unbelievably cost-effective deal for the back page for our clients. Their reason for the low price? “As long as Westokes has created the ad for the back page we know it will be as eye-catching as the front of the pub- no matter which side is seen sticking our of a back pocket.” Westokes always loves a great win-win situation!

Advanced Gourmet Equipment & Design
William Mangum Fine Art


Amigo's opened under new ownership/management and the owner spent thousands renovating the restaurant. Located very near both several youngish-family neighborhoods and Guilford College, the owner wanted to appeal to families during the day and early evening hours —and to the the college crowd later in the evening.

These are just two of several ads we created to meet the client's needs.


  • "Tent Sale"
  • We started thinking about the Budweiser Lizards and how they had a great run but were now apparently out of work...
  • "Knee Deep in Jeeps"
  • Old Looney Tunes fans, we got to thinking about an updated version of the singing frog — a talking wiseguy of a frog who finds a letter the dealership somehow missed...
  • "Walter C"
  • Walter Cronkite was and "is" the most trusted name in real news with hard facts...
  • "Subliminal Man"
  • What if you were friends with the beloved, funny SNL character?
  • "Stone Soul Picnic"
  • Barry White-esque VO meets a local community festival sponsored in part by our client. Ads ran on a cool R&B/Old School station who is the key sponsor.
  • "You've Got a Friend"
  • Smith Stokes Preowned sales manager wanted a jingle to introduce a new online credit application process, Smith Stokes CreditMend. It made the Blues lover in Smith happy, the country fan in the sales manager happy and was playable in every station format. And most of all the audience loved it and listened to it because they thought it was a song.
  • "Open House"
  • Regular folk got a kick out of it for a big turnout, but true die hard Chrysler Dodge Jeep fans really loved this tribute to their first love. To be honest, the spot describes our client, Smith Stokes.
  • "Red Dodge / Blues Festival"
  • Well, as a HUGE blues fan for [dare we say how many years?] Smith Stokes was ecstatic to have his own true blues song. Nick Jones, a former Westokes graphic designer on guitar, Donna on copy and Donna's brother Eric West on vocals.
  • "Minivan"
  • It's amazing how often I hear this VO Talent on TV/Radio these days— and even more amazing that Subaru Forester is now using the exact same idea for a TV ad. Bet their ad agency got paid a little more, but it's proof that great minds think alike.
  • "If the Shoe Fits"
  • Having the client's son, Pete who is GSM create the VO for the spot as requested? Oooo- usually a "jump-the-shark" moment — but honest verbiage and his background in drama proved helpful in his delivery.
  • "No Gimmicks"
  • Another really cheap ad to produce- you can't beat free! Donna's VO and that of Nick Jones set the stage to reveal what some area dealers were doing to advertise such low prices. [BTW, Nick also plays the talking frog in "Knee Deep in Jeeps"!]
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Television Advertising

The following spots were created for Smith Stokes, a Westokes client for over 19 years [as Donna created his advertising on a freelance basis prior to opening her own shop.] Each spot is created to run for a month- so a very tight budget is employed to eek out the most for the clients ad dollar.

But we can create larger-than-life, big budget television as well. We create to fit you budget and needs. We believe great TV advertising takes a great offer, one in which a particular audience is interested, and uses an original concept to sell that offer to those unique people.

Excellent TV ads employ quality production to give validity to the screen- whatever the budget. Westokes offers both— we will get to get to know your demographic and connect to their need for your product or service. Then our inviting creative work and stellar production will compel your target audience to imagine themselves answering your irresistible call to action. Sparking this imagination frequently through your media buy is vital to swaying these actions in your favor.

 Summer Closeout

"Summer Closeout"

 Dress Up Your Drive

"Dress Up Your Drive"

 Military Discount

"Military Discount"

 Low Overhead

"Low Overhead"

Outdoor / Environmental Advertising

RV Show Signage
RV Show Signage

RV Show Signage

If you have an RV to pull you need a big honkin' truck, right? Well, we obviously think it should be a Smith Stokes Chevy or Dodge. With the vast expanse of the Greensboro Coliseum and the mammoth size of the RV's, your signage really has to stand out to get attention. In addition to bringing in foliage and AstroTurf to provide an outdoor feel, our signage appealed to the happy campers who recognized how well this client “gets” them and understands why they choose the great outdoors over a hotel room any day. Folks flocked to the Smith Stokes tent area and checked out their trucks, SUV's and Smith even sold a PreOwned PT Cruiser right on the spot!

Blues Dude Signage
Blues Dude Signage

Blues Dude Signage

Here we wanted to create sophisticated signage for an event Smith Stokes Automotive has sponsored for over 20 years, The Piedmont Triad Blues Preservation Society's Blues Festival. Since Smith Stokes is a huge fan of Blues music [and this is one of the very few events he actually takes a day off work to enjoy] we always strive to make this special for him. The event takes place in downtown Greensboro, NC and goes from noon till about 11pm Saturday in early May- so this photo is perfectly suited to the event. The quote is now one of Smith's favorites and as it was created to stand the test of time, attendees have loved the sign for 4 years now.

New Arrivals! Billboard
New Arrivals! Billboard

New Arrivals! Billboard

These two huge babies were an even bigger hit than we dreamed they would be. Love them or find them strangely amusing, you can't miss them. And that's the point- get the message across in 8 seconds with no question as to who and where you are located.