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Westokes People

At the risk of tooting our own horn — we confidently advise Westokes’ clients that we employ the absolute best full-time and freelance talent, period. From up-to-the-millisecond electronic and internet media and marketing research numbers, to event planning that will rock-the-world of any attendee, Westokes pulls out all the stops to make sure our clients benefit from our paramount expertise. We’ll be happy to provide background info on our freelancers upon request, but these are the folks who call Westokes home every day.

Donna West Petree

Advertising/Marketing Manager, Art/Creative Director, Event Planner/Director, Media Planner/Buyer, Senior Copywriter, Co-op Manager

Donna Petree, Owner / President

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 1987, Donna found herself in some of the world’s oddest freelance jobs. The recession in full bloom, jobs were being created and dissolved at a rapid pace. But as each one ensured she wore a different advertising or design hat, she received a hands-on, real-world education in a number of areas and picked up a massive list of skills and knowledge. For instance, she mastered writing and shooting a training video for a custom bicycle shop, and wrote a McDonald’s jingle with corresponding radio and tv ads that ran for 3 years.

Donna then put her Radio, Television and Motion Picture major to work copywriting, directing producing, editing [and schlepping equipment for] TV commercials at WJKA-TV in Wilmington. She later set her sights on Greensboro and a job at a “real” ad agency- her dream. She worked as a copywriter for Pascale and Associates Advertising and Design, where she, as she puts it, “learned soooo much— how to work as a true team, innovative ways to approach copy and how to squeeze the most out of every media dollar for your client.”

In 1997 when Donna was offered the opportunity to become the agency-of-record for Smith Stokes Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep she jumped at the chance. Donna laughs, “Wearing so many hats may not have been the way I would have chosen to get where I am today- I ate a lot of Oodles of Noodles along the way! But it sure taught me to think with both my right and left brain and plan and create anything & everything for my clients.” Westokes is proud to say Smith Stokes Automotive is still a stellar client and has added a Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick Pontiac, GMC dealership. Westokes now has a superb list of wonderful clients and continues to grow and evolve.

Donna is proud to be associated with such wonderful kindred spirits: “I try to take nothing for granted and let the folks around me know how special and important they are to me – family, friends, employees and clients. I am Blessed to do what I love, and I am privileged to employ the most talented people I know.”

Mike Faurote

Graphic & Web Designer / Developer, IT Manager

Mike Faurote, Graphic & Web Designer / Developer, IT Manager

As you can see, Mike Faurote is happiest behind the scenes.  An Eagle Scout, Mike is always totally prepared for every project- from photography to ad/web design and now book design, his style is perfectly in sync with Westokes’ philosophy: gutsy graphics, clean lines, no fluff.

When he came to Westokes Advertising in 2004  Mike had quite a portfolio of superb web site design and print design.  He has now taken on TV graphics as well as e-commerce implementation for our clients and designed two books for William Mangum Fine Arts.  He is our go-to for electronic file creation, as well as Mac maintenance and other technology-related duties. He is the king of in-office networking including our printers and file server.

Mike’s skills set includes the following applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat

Mike’s “techie specialties” include: Macintosh and PC computer hardware, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, computer networking, digital photography, Apache web server, CPanel and WHM hosting control panels, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, FPO, PDQ and FYI.

Mike’s ability to practically read creative director Donna’s mind is legendary.  A rough draft- if it even takes that- always comes to fruition with more of a WOW factor than she imagined. But one of Mike’s most important and respected talents lies in his ability to put a client at ease with even the most complicated projects.  He is comfortable explaining the technological aspects of a project in a way that clients who don’t even ‘do‘ email can easily understand.


Donna Petree

Advertising/Marketing Manager, Art/Creative Director, Event Planner/Director, Media Planner/Buyer, Senior Copywriter, Co-op Manager

Mike Faurote

Graphic & Web Designer / Developer, IT Manager