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First, less-than-stellar design is not only unnecessary, it’s just plan sad. Think about it. When we see someone spend hard-earned ad dollars on something that clearly isn’t going to work for them- or even worse, is going to work against them and it makes us cringe.

That’s why- from the smallest business card job to the most extensive marketing and ad campaign— we employ our talent, experience and ongoing techie education to create cool, compelling design. When you call on us for any job, mammoth or pocket-sized — you can trust Westokes to give you an unparalleled product with superior client service.

Media Planning / Buying

A solid media buy starts with a solid understanding of your business and your sales goals and objectives. Westokes uses a combination of the latest scientific technology, old-fashioned common sense and gut instinct gained through 13 years in performance-driven media. We look at the numbers, trends and the changing ability of each medium to reach your desired target. We evaluate the flexibility and costs involved in employing each medium with regard to copy changes and lead times. Whether you are selling burgers or Buicks, your Westokes media schedule is strategically placed to make the most of your ad dollar. Each schedule incorporates a combination of reach and frequency formulated to increase purchasing activity in your favor.

For each schedule we purchase, we provide notarized, documented schedules noting the exact rate, spot time and date your ads ran. Westokes also manages all billing and invoicing for your business. From outdoor boards to radio schedules, you can count on Westokes to capture a great rate and make the most of your ad dollar.

Print Advertising

Because consumers feel first and think second, engaging your viewer emotionally is key in any form of advertising. When it comes to print, the graphic and headline content must be unexpected to get noticed. It should say only one meaningful thing and say it well or the viewer will look elsewhere. Trying to communicate more than one message in addition to where and how to reach you or your product weakens the entire ad and lessens the effectiveness of your ad dollar. By focusing on your demographic, Westokes will show you how to speak directly to your potential customer. Influencing such customers through the frequency with which they see this message is a pivotal part of your media buy.

Radio Advertising

Superb radio is theater of the mind. Whether humorous, awe-inspiring or provocative, an effective radio spot is a theatrical play starring your product or service. Here, however, there are no expensive playhouses to rent or pricey props and costumes to buy. With a stellar script, exceptional vocal talent and expert production you can create a scene that takes place anywhere from the Himalayas to a hospital room.

The competition for the listener’s ear becomes more excessive every day. To stand out, your thirty or sixty second script must arouse sufficient interest to warrant attention to the real message within your spot. Top quality vocal and production talent assure credibility through the believable action the listener hears. Westokes expertly lays the right groundwork to lock in the listener, allowing your product or service to really shine. Once your ideal spot has been created, the persuasiveness of your message is achieved through pervasiveness. This means a media buy with a reach and frequency combination that makes your message almost inescapable by your target audience. Regardless of budget- we know from experience that repetition of the right message is key. To quote Roy Williams, [the author not the coach] we would rather "convince 100 people 100% of the way to buy your product or service — than 1000 people 10% of the way to buy." Consistency just plain works.

Television Advertising

Great TV advertising takes a great offer, one in which a particular audience is interested and uses an original concept to sell that offer to those unique people. Excellent TV ads employ quality production to give validity to the screen. Westokes offers both— we will get to get to know your demographic and connect to their need for your product or service. Then our inviting creative work and stellar production will compel your target audience to imagine themselves answering your irresistible call to action. Sparking this imagination frequently through your media buy is vital to swaying these actions in your favor.

Outdoor / Environmental Advertising

Most often thought of as billboard advertising, out-of-door media is actually any advertising consumers see, hear, and experience when they are not in their homes, offices or personal vehicles. In addition to billboards, [now broken down as posters and bulletins] this broad, exciting category includes advertising on public benches, airports, buses, taxis, subways, cinemas, hotels, malls, transit shelters, sports arenas and more. Whether it’s an ad placed in one of the areas mentioned, as legal graffiti, building illumination, video-display or wrapped vehicles, even promoted through a street team — it cannot be turned off by your target. Alternative media doesn’t have to be "invited in" by its audience, rather it reaches its audience as a component of the environment. Westokes knows how to push your communiqué into the spotlight through the creative employment of these unconventional channels. Always unique and surprising, Westokes ads stand out, period.

Another form of environmental advertising is event advertising. Here, you create a portion or even the whole environment in which your audience meets with your authentic brand experience. Any event, from an open house to your sponsorship of a festival, is an opportunity to elevate your audiences perception of your product or service. The look and feel of an event go far beyond hanging your logo at the front of the room. Westokes takes strategic marketing knowledge and mixes it with the latest trends and industry developments to wow your attendees.

Promotional Products

Like a team of mini-salespeople for your business, promotional products serve as an inviting symbol of your business. Most companies utilize the usual magnets, coffee cups and calendars without thinking about color, imagery, texture or even the uniqueness of the items on which they are spending hard earned ad dollars. These decisions will make a lasting impact on the experience the target has with your product. Any item that promotes your business, should echo the character and spirit of your business as well. Westokes offers thousands of creative, engaging items to identify and differentiate your business from the rest. A great promotional product touches customers because they are physically touching it. Westokes can show you how to increase consumer loyalty and mindshare through promotional products.