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First, less-than-stellar design is not only unnecessary, it’s just plan sad. Think about it. When we see someone spend hard-earned ad dollars on something that clearly isn’t going to work for them- or even worse, is going to work against them and it makes us cringe.

That’s why- from the smallest business card job to the most extensive marketing and ad campaign— we employ our talent, experience and ongoing techie education to create cool, compelling design. When you call on us for any job, mammoth or pocket-sized — you can trust Westokes to give you an unparalleled product with superior client service.

Logos / Stationery / More

How much would you value an individual who flawlessly represented your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a vacation, sick day or even a coffee break? If this exemplary worker communicated perfectly with your customers, was a pleasure to work with, always on time, dressed to perfection and worked tirelessly and independently to get the job done right —would you hire him or her full time?

That’s what a good logo will do for you. It’s the ideal employee.

But to be ideal, its colors must appeal to your target audience as well as mirror your corporate or product image. It should look great reduced, enlarged or printed in black and white. Westokes works with you to determine the right look for your unique brand of product or service, one which echoes the character and spirit of your business.

We create letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc. that make the most of your logo and offer extremely competitive rates on printing. You name it, and we can design a handsome way to put your name on it!