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Web Design / Email Campaigns:


First, less-than-stellar design is not only unnecessary, it’s just plan sad. Think about it. When we see someone spend hard-earned ad dollars on something that clearly isn’t going to work for them- or even worse, is going to work against them and it makes us cringe.

That’s why- from the smallest business card job to the most extensive marketing and ad campaign— we employ our talent, experience and ongoing techie education to create cool, compelling design. When you call on us for any job, mammoth or pocket-sized — you can trust Westokes to give you an unparalleled product with superior client service.

Web Design / Email Campaigns

Web Design & Development

Your web site is like a combination lobby and headquarters for your business. Often, the only impression visitors have of your company outside of your brick-and-mortar address is your website. It should welcome guests to a warm, positive and exciting atmosphere. Employing your logo and your photos [or creating and purchasing the same, to match your tastes and needs] Westokes then creates the proper design mix to reflect the mood and nature of your business.

We use colors, words and other cues to attract your particular target audience. Making the home page the entrance for your site, Westokes builds the effective functionality and strong visual identity into this area first, then engineers the complete site with this framework. It’s like opening up all the doors and decorating each room with your company’s own brilliant, matchless style. We offer individually custom-tailored sites for every client and we estimate accordingly. For instance a simple site of 2-5 pages using existing graphic content and stock photography/illustration runs from $498 to $750. We offer expert design and building of your exclusive site - from simple to sublime. So, if captivating, easy-to-use e-commerce is essential to your success, you’ve come to the right place as well!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some companies focusing only on SEO treat it as magical voodoo knowledge you must pay them for to ensure you site ranking does not suffer certain death. Westokes knows SEO is common sense and uncommonly good copywriting and coding. Search engine algorithms are created and cracked every day. Keyword-rich copy will “decode” search engine algorithms and naturally generate high-rankings for your site. Boosting your site with a bevy of related words and phrases is key. Perceptive knowledge of what your target audience is searching for with relevant titles, meta tags and links is crucial. Westokes builds this, plus instinctive, highly-functional navigation and clearly-coded design into every site. No spells, potions or mojo powders needed.